Monday, September 3, 2012

Waiting for our promise.

Yes....we are still waiting.  Although I have struggled over the past few months, I have comforted myself with the story of Abraham and Sarah.  God promised them a son, and they waited years to see that promise fulfilled.  God had made a covenant with them and God is faithful to his word.  This Sunday as I sat in Sunday school learning about God's tests of faith, I could feel mine growing weak.  I thought to myself maybe nothing is happening because God really didn't promise US a child...maybe I just imagined his stirring almost two years ago.  I believe God is faithful, but maybe I just mistook my emotions for his leading.  I started thinking about the finances and the wait.  Needless the say...I was probably failing this test of my own faith.  As we were walking from Sunday school to morning worship, a couple from our church handed us a card.  I waited until we were outside to open it.  They had no idea of the mental battle that had been going on all morning in my head, but God used them to speak to me.  He whispered...I know what I am me...I said I would provide and I am going to.  Because of the wait, some of our paper work is having to be redone.  We have to travel back to Atlanta to redo our I-600a and just received an email today about updating our homestudy.  Both of these things will take time and money, but God has already revealed himself in these situations.  Thanks be to God for his faithfulness and loving kindness.  He is so patient with me in all of my shortcomings.

"Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised."  Genesis 21:1


  1. Said a prayer for you and your family after I read this. We are in the wait for our little ones from DRC as well and it is tough! Please know that I will continue lifting you, your husband and children before the Father

  2. We are feeling lead to DRC as well and have yet to start a home study. I can so relate to your feelings as I felt from the start that the Lord said the money was provided for, yet I haven't been able to apply or start a home study and it's been 6 months since we first were convinced He was leading us to adoption. Confusing in some ways as I know he wouldn't "call" us without planning to provide for this. In the mean time, we've had medical issues come up with one son, increased tuition for son's college, housing prices dropped so much that cashing out some equity isn't the option I had hoped it was, and other things that have made it even difficult for us to save. Sometimes I wonder if I fabricated the call? But then I read through pages and pages of journal entries that have so many little "miracles" of leading that I feel renewed to keep praying.
    I'm a stranger to you, but am praying today that the Lord will move you onward and renew your strength and hope. May he bless you guys and provide all that you need. I appreciate how honest you are about your faith and the struggles you face, but pressing on in hope.